Our Culture & Values

Our values framework, developed with our patients and their friends and relatives, recognises that the patient is at the centre of everything we do.

Our core values of privacy, dignity, choice, independence, rights and fulfilment direct how care and therapy is provided to the patient ensuring dignity and respect is upheld at all times.

These core values are then supported by our values framework – 10 principles that represent the values that we as a healthcare provider believe are important. These values direct our staff in their everyday interactions with patients and visitors and include honesty, acting with integrity, compassion, courage, commitment, competence, effective and respectful communication, empathy, kindness and the need to be authentic.

Core Values Framework

Person Centered Care







How our Values are embedded into our culture…

All new staff are recruited on their aptitude for care work using a values-based pre-employment assessment tool.

Existing staff receive annual training in our core values and values framework and all staff are expected to sign the Code of Conduct for Healthcare Support Workers and work within the spirit of the Code.

We will continue to develop and embed these core values into our culture to ensure that all staff understand their roles and responsibilities towards achieving the delivery of truly patient-centred care to the patients that make our Homes their home.

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