Referral & Admissions

Each patient is individually assessed prior to admission and a personal care plan programme is devised to meet their needs.

This care plan may include a range of specialist therapeutic interventions such as speech and language therapy, occupational therapy, music therapy, reflexology and others, all of which are designed to assist the patient in achieving the best possible quality of life.

Every patient’s care plan is reviewed on a monthly basis by a trained member of our team in order that care and support can be truly personalised to maximise their effectiveness.

We encourage healthcare professionals and family members involved in the patients care to visit us early on in the referral process.

To ensure key members of the team are available we always recommend contacting us prior to a visit. The majority of our patients are funded through the NHS Continuing Healthcare scheme although we do accept private referrals from independent case managers.

How we assist in your patient or family members journey into our care.

Step 1: Pre-admission

Prior to arrival at one of our homes, members of our experienced clinical team will meet the patient and carry out a comprehensive assessment of the individuals care needs. This is to ensure that we are confident we can provide the best possible standard of care for their stay with us, ensuring we meet not only their medical needs but also support them through therapies and activities that help them achieve the best possible quality of life.

We also invite and encourage family members to visit our homes so they can see the type of room your patient/family member will be staying in, meet the staff who will be caring for them and the range of facilities that we can offer to ensure their stay is as fulfilling as possible.

Step 2: Admission

On arrival the patient will be met by a member of our nursing team and shown to their bedroom. The room will be fully furnished but you are welcome to bring any personal possessions that they may like to keep with them, subject to space and health and safety constraints.

Step 3: Care Planning & Ongoing Assessment

The comprehensive assessment carried out by members of our experienced and trained care team will form the basis of a bespoke care plan tailored to their individual needs and designed to address every aspect of their care.

The team will carefully monitor their progress on a regular basis and, if required, adjust their care plan accordingly after consultation with you and/or your close family.

Visit us.

Our aim is to provide a thorough needs assessment to ensure a smooth and comfortable transition to our care. If you would like more information or to arrange a visit to either of our homes please contact our reception team.

Call: 020 8670 6090
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