We work hard to balance the nutritional needs of our residents with the flavours and comfort of home cooked food.

With help from our dietitian and speech and language therapists, our resident chefs create a range of bespoke menus to meet individual nutritional and dietary needs including dysphagia, diabetes, weight loss and weight gain. In accordance with CQC guidelines, we also ensure that residents preferences, religious and cultural backgrounds are catered for.

It is vitally important that residents are provided with a wholesome and nutritious diet as this helps to reduce the risk of infection and other medical conditions and maintain a healthy weight. This applies equally whether they take food and hydration orally or via a tube (known as peg feeding) if they have difficulty swallowing.

Our dieticians regularly review each resident’s nutritional requirements and will make any adjustments needed to their intake to ensure that they continue to receive a well-balanced diet.


We only use the best quality ingredients sustainably sourced from trusted suppliers.

Menus are reviewed and changed regularly to suit the preferences of our residents and the seasonal availability of foods. Residents are offered a cooked breakfast on request with the options of wholemeal toasted bread, porridge or cereal and fruit salad with Greek yogurt assorted jams or marmalade. Lunch & Dinner options include; Jerk Chicken with Rice and Peas, Jollof Rice with Pan Fried Red Snapper, Steamed Fish with Vegetables, Spinach and Ricotta Lasagne, Vegetable Roti, Roasted Peppers with Goats Cheese and Sun Blush Tomatoes.


Allergen control is taken very seriously in our homes.

As a consequence, our Chefs have created a range of meals that are free from 12 of the 14 allergens and we make sure we are aware of any known allergies from both residents and staff members.


Our food brings the whole family together.

We host an annual Summer BBQ and Christmas party in grand style where residents, relatives and staff are welcome to give us the opportunity to showcase all the different types of delicious meals we prepare on a daily base.

Summertime is all about freshly made salads including the Homes favourite Smoked Mackerel Salad and our new challenge, GO VEGAN for a week, as research now suggests that following a plant-based diet could have a beneficial impact on many aspects of a person’s health.