Fairlie Healthcare welcomes expertise from Trinidad

In an exciting and ground-breaking development for Fairlie Healthcare, we are delighted to welcome 16 fully qualified registered nurses from Trinidad who will be commencing work for the company from October 2019 onwards.

To help combat the severe nationwide shortage of skilled and registered nurses in the UK, we commenced a comprehensive and intense recruitment drive in October 2018. This involved a series of Skype interviews followed by a 4 day visit to Trinidad by our Director of Operations and our Home Manager to screen and interview dozens of potential candidates, discuss with them the exciting opportunities open to them working in the UK and detail the type of support we can offer to help them settle into their new roles and new environment.

Following the success of this recruitment initiative, Fairlie Healthcare is planning a further visit to Trinidad in September 2019 to commence the second phase of its recruitment strategy to ensure the group continues to attract and retain the highest calibre of nursing and care staff for its homes.