Errol returns home safe and well

We wish to share and give a resounding and heartfelt thanks to all of those involved in the care and rehabilitation of our amazing resident, Errol, who returned home to us safe and well after a very personal battle in hospital with Covid-19.

Errol has lived at Highfield House for over seven years (admitted 22/5/2012). He is a lively and warm character and his care staff think very highly of him and have come to know him well.

On 5/4/2020 Errol developed a new cough and temperature which we monitored closely. On the 8/4/2020 staff noted he was deteriorating and immediately escalated this to his GP. He was later admitted to Croydon University Hospital and on the morning of the 9/4/20, his condition had worsened to the extent that he and was given an hour to live (as his wife informs us).

We are over-the-moon to report that Errol made a remarkable recovery and was discharged back to Highfield House where he received a warm welcome by all the staff and continues to make everyone smile despite his terrifying experience.

Watch the filming of his homecoming here.