Expert Care and Provision for the Highly Dependent Patient

Fairlie Healthcare is at the forefront of specialised placement services, and a leading expert in assessment, care, and rehabilitation for patients who require continuous intensive nursing due to complex physical or neurological disabilities.  


Our role is, first of all, to direct you toward a suitable caring home.  We provide pathways to care homes which are dedicated to individualised patient-centred practice. Our particular expertise is in expert consultation and placement for adults of all ages with complex physical and neurological impairment.  This includes facilitation of links to physiotherapy, rehabilitation, neurological rehabilitation, care for those dependent on mechanical ventilation, palliative care and respite care. 


Fairlie Healthcare presently operates two care homes: Fairlie House, in West Norwood, London, which is regarded as a “centre of excellence” in the field of care for highly dependent patients, and, on this model, Highfield House in Purley, Croydon, developed as a purpose-built home according to the standards set by Fairlie House, which has recently opened its doors to patients.  Fairlie Healthcare uses these two homes, and other facilities that meet our exacting standards, as primary resources for care and therapy.


A healthy mix of multidisciplinary clinical care with therapeutic, recreational and social care is central to our placement practice, and our provision is widely recognised as exemplary and as a centre of excellence which upholds the highest standards of care and professionalism.



Fairlie House recent CQC report

Highfield House recent CQC report  

Fairlie House
Fairlie House

Fairlie House is Fairlie Healthcare's flagship care centre, located in West Norwood, South London.

Highfield House
Highfield House

Opened in 2011, Highfield House provides much-needed further provision at a standard equal to that developed and proven at Fairlie House.

Inspection Report

"Excellent service that constantly strives for improvement."

"The service is totally 'service user' focused, with the emphasis on making life as pleasurable and comfortable as possible regardless of an individual's condition or disability."

"The manager is of a high calibre and leads by example. She is visionary in her approach."